Monthly Advice

Welcome to the monthly planner for your garden. This can be of use to everyone, from those who take the time to maintain their own gardens to those who have a contract with us and simply want to spend a couple of hours out in the garden between their scheduled visits with us.

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Monthly Advice

Top gardening jobs for February:

Lawn Care

Now is a good time to look at lawn care ready for it to spring back to life in April. If water logging is a problem then core aeration, top dressings and scarification treatments can be carried out as weather permits. If a total restoration from scratch is required then turfing can be carried out in February providing the ground is not frozen.

Trees, shrubs and climbers

February is your last chance to prune Apples, pears and vines such as Wisteria before the sap starts to rise. Various other hardy late summer flowering shrubs such as Lavatera and Hydrangea Paniculata may also be pruned this month.


Flower beds (and veg plots) can now be dug over, this can help with the soil structure. Not only will organic matter from the top (leaves, small weeds etc.) be dug in, but if you have a heavy soil type the frosts can naturally help to break it up.


Now your greenhouse will be mostly empty it’s time to give it a good scrub down. To keep organic you can simply use warm soapy water and a dish cloth, as well as a soft brush for those hard to reach areas.


The digestive systems of most pond fish go dormant over winter when the water temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius. Being the case you should stop feeding them now until spring to prevent digestive problems. If there’s a heavy frost forecast you can put a football or similar on the pond surface and remove it in the morning so that there’s an air hole. This will allow oxygen to dissolve into the water from the air. Do not smash a hole in the ice if your pond freezes over though, this can create a shockwave harmful to your fish.

Soft Landscaping

Winter is a good time to do turfing, weather permitting. While it’s cool and constantly damp the roots have plenty of time to establish prior to the warmer months.

If your fences are still sturdy but looking a bit sorry for themselves why not brighten them up with a new coat of paint? Many paints also contain algaecides to help keep the timber healthy and reduce rot.