Monthly Advice

Welcome to the monthly planner for your garden. This can be of use to everyone, from those who take the time to maintain their own gardens to those who have a contract with us and simply want to spend a couple of hours out in the garden between their scheduled visits with us.

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Monthly Advice

Top gardening jobs for April:

Lawn Care

Grass growth has suddenly picked up. Make sure mower blades are sharp and up for the job. You may need selective weed treatments and feeds for your lawn throughout spring and summer.

Any bare patches can be seeded over or tr-turfed. Be prepared to keep these areas well watered while they establish.

Trees, shrubs and climbers

Your Roses, trees and flowering shrubs may need a feed. Now is the time to do this. Climbers will need tieing in, being careful not to damage their delicate new shoots.


It’s time to add some colour to your garden. Select your favourate bedding plants and top up the borders, or fill your pots and hanging baskets up. Remember to keep them fed and well watered.

Keep dead heading your daffodils and other bulb plants, doing so will divert their energy back to the bulb for next year’s show rather than for creating seeds.


Now is a good time to check, service and repair pumps and filters ready for spring and summer. Any pond plants which are getting overgrown can now be split and divided. Doing so will also provide more plants if you want to spread their coverage.

Also, if you’re struggling with algea you can use Waterlilies to reduce the amount of light hitting the water – reducing the spread of algea

Soft Landscaping

If your fences are still sturdy but looking a bit sorry for themselves why not brighten them up with a new coat of paint? Many paints also contain algaecides to help keep the timber healthy and reduce rot.

Pressure washing your paths and drive will not only make them look smarter but less slippery also.