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Welcome to the monthly planner for your garden. This can be of use to everyone, from those who take the time to maintain their own gardens to those who have a contract with us and simply want to spend a couple of hours out in the garden between their scheduled visits with us.

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Service Charges

Pristine Gardens provide professional hard and soft landscaping solutions for gardens and commercial grounds of all sizes. This includes everything from design and build to regular maintenance.
While we have the knowledge and experience required to tackle larger projects, much of our work includes regular maintenance of small gardens. We are based in Kidderminster and generally operate within a 30mile area, though we are able to undertake work further a field.
All our specified prices are fully inclusive of the costs incurred in running a professional garden landscaping company. Covering such things as membership to professional organisations, investment and wear and tear on our machinery, full commercial insurance, investment and running of our fleet of vehicles and the administration in running an established company.
More than anything, we are passionate about customer satisfaction. While many other gardeners have much lesser service charges, in choosing Pristine Gardens you will have a piece of mind that all work will be undertaken professionally.

Regular garden maintenance

Our maintenance charges start from £175 inc.VAT per quarter to keep your gardens maintained in pristine condition, this takes into account out minimum call out of £35 for the first hour of service on each of our 20 visits throughout the year. If you have a larger garden which requires more than an hours work each time, we will work at a slightly reduced rate for the subsequent hours we spend with you, all will be worked out and explained during the quotation. All payments are made at the start of each quarter. These schemes cover an all year round maintenance regime for your garden undertaken by our experienced and friendly gardeners.
We often encourage our clients to compost their green waste in order to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill and to keep their maintenance costs manageable. However, we are always happy to discuss the costs involved in removal of all types of waste.

Restoration of a neglected garden

All of our gardeners have at least one horticultural relevant qualification and / or many years of hands-on experience in all aspects of both hard and soft landscaping.
Your garden may be overgrown and seemingly impossible to get on top of. However, with use of the correct equipment in the hands of a gardener with an in-depth knowledge of proper plant care, we can restore your gardens back to their prime. As with interior decoration, a tidy garden can greatly add to the value of any house.
We do not operate on a day rate, we will always offer a fully inclusive price for getting a job done and stick to our quote no matter how long it takes us to complete the job in hand.

Landscaping Services

Where more than a tidy up is required we will put ideas forward for improving the design and structure of your garden. This can be anything from installing a small herbaceous border to clearing your whole garden and starting from scratch.
The cost of any landscaping project depends on the quantity of materials required and the amount of time required to install them professionally in your garden. For this reason we can not give a standard price for landscaping services, though feel free to look at our previous projects to get a feel for what can be done within your own budget.

Removal of Waste

Pristine Gardens is registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier. This enables us to transport waste away from your gardens within the law. From here the waste is taken to registered waste transfer sites where it is dealt with within the Environment Agencies regulations.
If you would like any associated waste removed when our teams are doing work for you we will have to add a waste management charge to the cost of the job. These costs start at £60 inc.VAT per load for up to 1 tonne of weight. This includes the transportation costs of hauling it to one of our waste transfer sites and the administration costs required to process the waste transfer. We will include the cost of loading up within the cost of doing the work as we will be loading up as we go along.
Our costs for disposal of different types of waste are detailed below:
Inert waste (soil, rubble, broken slabs etc.): £60 inc.VAT per load
Green waste (grass, prunings, leaves etc.): £80 inc.VAT per load
General waste (plant pots, cement bags, household waste etc.) £130 inc.VAT per load
Waste metals: Free. We will not charge for the removal of metal waste from your property as the money we get for selling scrap metal to merchants covers our haulage and admin costs.
Skip Hire: For larger landscaping jobs we will most likely advise the hire of a builders skip. Prices for this service will much depend upon the local skip companies.
If you have already had the work done and simply want the waste removed you will also incur a loading fee. This will depend upon the location of the waste, for example whether it is on the drive ready to be loaded straight on or needs to come through your property.
Under duty of care regulations it is up to the householder to ensure they choose contractors whom deal with their waste responsibly. We are always happy to provide the necessary paperwork to give our clients full piece of mind that everything is being dealt with according to the Environment Agencies regulations.

Compost Bins

Green waste (grass cuttings, fallen leaves, brash and hedge cuttings etc) is one of the more difficult forms of waste to dispose of commercially. Many of our waste transfer sites simply do not accept it, those who do charge very high rates for processing it. We strongly recommend our clients allow us to compost their green waste within their gardens to keep their garden maintenance costs manageable
We can construct a composting area in your garden. This can be anything from an enclosed wooden unit to a more aesthetically pleasing brick-built composter. All prices will depend upon the size and construction of the unit.

Weed Spraying

Pristine Gardens is NPTC qualified for the use of pesticides and knapsack sprayers, as required by law for the application of weed killers commercially. Spraying weeds with Glyphosate based chemicals can greatly reduce the need for physical weeding. Our weed spray call-outs start from £35 inc.VAT.

Fence painting

Fence painting costs start from £10 inc.VAT per panel inclusive of paint, depending on the size and style of panel. A well looked after fence is likely to last 25-30 years before needing replacing.

Inflation of service charges

At the end of each financial year Pristine Gardens increase all service charges by 5% in order to keep up with the base rate of inflation. Though the base rate of inflation varies from year to year, having studied previous price trends for our various overheads we have worked 5% out to be a fair annual increment in price.