Monthly Advice

Welcome to the monthly planner for your garden. This can be of use to everyone, from those who take the time to maintain their own gardens to those who have a contract with us and simply want to spend a couple of hours out in the garden between their scheduled visits with us.

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Monthly Advice

Top gardening jobs for July:

Lawn Care

Throughout the summer months you may need to apply high nitrogen feeds and selective weed killers. Mow your lawns regularly – at least fortnightly. Keep mower blades sharp to avoid tearing the grass blades, as well as reducing work load on your mower.

Lawn edges should be trimmed and re shaped as required so as to maintain definition between it and the paths / borders.


Trees, shrubs and climbers

Once early flowering shrubs such as Weigela and Philadelphus have finished flowering they can be pruned back. Either with the trimmers if you like your shrubs maintained in a shaped appearance, or by pruning out the old wood if you wish to acheive the natural look.

Box and other evergreens can be pruned throughout July as required to keep them neat and tidy.

Your Beech, Privet and Hawthorn hedges may also need a tidy up this month too.

If carrying out any tree work please do so with extreme caution, we are in the middle of the bird nesting season. It may be advised to hold fire on some jobs until the winter months.

Your Roses will need continual dead heading. Doing so will encourage further blooms throughout the summer.


Flower beds (and veg plots) will need regular hoeing over and where appropriate weed killer to keep on top of weed seedlings. You may want to add a splash of colour to your borders with some bedding plants – or get some hanging baskets made up for around the garden and entrance to your home.



Keep the windows and doors open on hotter days so as your greenhouse does not overheat. Wetting the floor will also increase humidity which your plants will love also. You could try some companion planting – marigolds will naturally keep whitefly away.



Keep feeding your fish regularly. UV filters may need maintenance if you have them – some manual clearing of blanket weed etc may also be required.


Soft Landscaping

There is no limit to what could be achieved in your garden. Whether it be a raised flower bed, a new fence or a deck, even a natural stone patio. Our teams can help you achieve all of the above, call us today for some advice on the visions of your garde